Fully Automatic Spraying. A new dimension in window cleaning.

Schbot® Wind X2 Series Window Cleaning Robot

Accurate and Safe Glass Cleaning, Edge Detection System

Edge Detection with Four Sensors – The innovative system equipped with four sensors ensures precise detection of edges and obstacles, preventing potential falls or getting stuck between window frames.

Thanks to the edge detection system, Wind X2 Spray can clean every part of the glass carefully and efficiently. It is especially effective near corner frames, providing greater precision and responsiveness, ensuring safe and effective movement on frameless glass surfaces. This is particularly crucial in challenging situations with angular frames.

First-Class Mobility and Efficient Suction Power 3000Pa

3000PA – Impressively, Wind X2 Spray moves smoothly on glass surfaces, achieving remarkable suction power. This high suction force allows the device to combine elegant movement with effective cleaning power.

The result is fast, efficient, and streak-free glass cleaning in both homes and business environments. The device’s ability to move and suction with excellent performance makes it an ideal choice for users with demanding cleaning needs, ensuring consistently pristine surfaces. Your new standard for cleanliness and efficiency in windows!

Reliable Motors

Significance of Motors – Reliable motors are critical not only for cleaning safety but also for ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning results.

Stability and Consistency – These motors can work stably and consistently, allowing the cleaning device to perform its tasks optimally.

Reflection of Efficiency – The efficiency of the motors is reflected in deeper dirt removal, improving the condition of cleaned surfaces and providing users with a high-quality and satisfying cleaning experience.

Smart and Efficient Operation

Smart Technology – The X2 Window Cleaning Robot utilizes smart technology that adapts to different modes, ensuring a versatile glass cleaning experience in “Z,” “N,” and “Z” + “N” modes.

Safe Movement – Precise sensor operation avoids entanglement in window handles, allowing the X2 to move on window surfaces safely and smoothly.

Perfect Combination – The smart operation of the X2 Window Cleaning Robot offers a perfect combination of efficiency and safety, making it an ideal solution for both homes and business environments.

Versatile Cleaning Modes and Control Methods

Modes and Control – Wind X2 Spray offers a diverse range of cleaning modes and control methods, providing users with a flexible and efficient cleaning experience. The device operates in Z, N, and Z+N modes, moving smoothly from left to right or from top to bottom.

Auto Mode – Activated with a single press, making cleaning quick and convenient. This mode adapts automatically to the characteristics of the surface being cleaned.

X2 Mode – Launched with a simple double press, allowing more precise and targeted cleaning according to user needs.

Wet Mode – Automated water spraying adds moisture to the cleaning process, ensuring an even more effective and thorough result on different surfaces.

Efficient Wet Cleaning, Designed Water Tank 50ml

Efficiency – The effective water spray of the wet cleaning robot is located on the stylishly designed upper side of the robot. This ensures targeted and thorough cleaning, keeping your windows and surfaces flawlessly clean.

Automated Spraying – Automatic water spraying is directed forward, ensuring comprehensive and efficient cleaning results. Wind X2 Spray makes wet cleaning easy and convenient without extra hassle.

Long Working Hours – The robot’s 50ml water tank allows up to 170 spray sessions, ensuring extended working hours without the need for frequent refills. This intelligent feature makes Wind X2 Spray an ideal choice for those seeking long-lasting and efficient wet cleaning without interruptions.

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