Schbot F1 Pitbox


Schbot F1 Pitbox robot vacuum cleaner emptying and charging station: Smartness and Convenience in Your Cleaning Routine

Introduce a new dimension to your home cleaning with the Schbot F1 Pitbox robot vacuum cleaner emptying and charging station. This practical accessory is designed to enhance the cleaning experience, allowing the robot vacuum cleaner to independently take care of both emptying and charging.

Automatic emptying: F1 Pitbox offers automatic emptying, making home maintenance even easier. The integrated charging station not only enhances the device’s efficiency but also adds elegance.

Availability: F1 Pitbox is available in all stores and online, ensuring easy access to this intelligent cleaning accessory.

Key feature:

Empties the robot vacuum cleaner after each cleaning session.

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Smart Automatic Emptying and Charging

The docking and charging station for the Schbot F1 Pitbox is equipped with intelligent automatic emptying and charging, making it a crucial accessory in the daily cleaning routine of the robot vacuum cleaner. This allows the robot vacuum cleaner to autonomously take care of dust emptying and battery charging, ensuring continuous readiness and optimal cleaning results.

Integrated Charging Station

The stylish design of this charging station not only complements home decor but also offers functionality. The robot vacuum cleaner can charge directly in the integrated dock, always ready to start a new cleaning session. This feature adds convenience and efficiency to your daily life.

Comprehensive Power

The docking and charging station’s power lies in its robust motor, enabling fast and efficient charging and dust disposal. This ensures that your robot vacuum cleaner is always ready to clean your home without requiring much attention.

User-Friendly Convenience

Using the docking and charging station is easy and convenient. The smart design with an intuitive user interface makes it an ideal accessory for all types of users while being a powerful assistant in home cleaning.

Reducing Charging Time

The Schbot F1 Pitbox docking and charging station ensures a fast and efficient charging process, significantly reducing the waiting time for the robot vacuum cleaner to resume its work.

Convenient Usage

Technical features also include ease of use and simplicity. The automatic emptying and charging process can be easily initiated, ensuring an efficient and user-friendly experience.

Built for Durability

The docking and charging station is constructed from durable materials, ensuring resilience and long-term reliability. German engineering influences daily, providing quality accessories for your robot vacuum cleaner.

Providing Confidence and Reliability

The accessory comes with an impressive 5-year warranty, emphasizing the manufacturer’s strong belief in the product’s durability and reliability. This gives users additional confidence and peace of mind.

The Schbot® F1 Pitbox is specifically designed as an emptying and charging station for use with the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner F1 series. This functional and smart accessory solution brings more convenience to your home cleaning, allowing the robot vacuum cleaner to independently manage both emptying and charging.


Additional information


3 kg


34.5 × 12.5 × 24.5 cm



App controllable


Remote control


Cleaning modes

Vacuuming, floor washing, dry and wet cleaning



Working hours

55-110 minutes

Noise level

55-68 dB

Battery warranty

1 year

Product warranty

5 years