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    The new Schbot Wind X2 Spray is Schbot’s latest window-cleaning robot series, setting it apart from its predecessor, the Wind X1, primarily due to the built-in water tank. This feature enables the robot to now clean windows using an automatic spray system! There is no longer a need to manually spray windows with window cleaning fluid, as the robot takes care of it independently. Additionally, the robot’s ability to navigate corners has been enhanced, reducing the chance of the robot getting stuck in seals by 100%. It is the only window-cleaning robot in Estonia with a 5-year warranty.

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    Schbot F1 Pitbox robot vacuum cleaner emptying and charging station: Smartness and Convenience in Your Cleaning Routine

    Introduce a new dimension to your home cleaning with the Schbot F1 Pitbox robot vacuum cleaner emptying and charging station. This practical accessory is designed to enhance the cleaning experience, allowing the robot vacuum cleaner to independently take care of both emptying and charging.

    Automatic emptying: F1 Pitbox offers automatic emptying, making home maintenance even easier. The integrated charging station not only enhances the device’s efficiency but also adds elegance.

    Availability: F1 Pitbox is available in all stores and online, ensuring easy access to this intelligent cleaning accessory.

    Key feature:

    Empties the robot vacuum cleaner after each cleaning session.