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Multiple cleaning modes

The Schbot S8 model has several cleaning modes and a smart app for checking cleaning modes anywhere at any time. The Schbot S8 automatically and in real time reflects the cleaning paths in the app. This saves more time and avoids repeating the cleaning.

Daily schedule

You can set up a cleaning schedule from Monday to Sunday by conveniently planning cleaning in the smart app. The robot works exactly as you like and turns to charge itself when the battery level is low.

Using the Schbot S8 is super easy!

The robotic vacuum cleaner is controlled from the phone, remote control, or you put it to work with a single press of a button. The follow-up to cleaning can be tracked from the application, and the home plan can also be configured from the application or remote control. We have thought about all the possible needs for you.

The Schbot S8 is equipped with sensors specially designed for floor cleaning.

It will continue to automatically clean from where it left off (if it is necessary to charge the battery in the meantime) if it is not manually controlled between cleaning.

The robot detects the size of the room and begins to smartly clean one room at a time.

Schbot is an excellent floor cleaner and vacuum cleaner

1800PA vacuum cleaner power, IC-controlled water tank, 2600mAh battery. A robotic vacuum cleaner that won’t get stuck on carpets today on a strong vacuum engine.

Schbot S8 requires less charging time and gives more cleaning time

The robot works with a 2600 mAh battery, which provides more than 120 minutes of cleaning time. Within 3-4 hours, the battery is fully charged. Even with a suction power of 1800pa, the Schbot S8 works longer than most similar models.

More sensors - higher accuracy

180 degree angle to receive and send a signal between the robot and the charging station. The Schbot S8 finds the station and loads itself faster and easier than ever.

Additional information

Package weight

7 kg

Net weight

2.85 kg



Remote control


App controllable


Battery charging time

3 -4 h

Charging station


Types of cleaning

Vacuuming, floor washing, dry and wet cleaning

Noise level

55 dB

Working hours

120-160 minutes

Battery type

Li-ion (2,600 mAh)

Battery warranty

1 year

Voice control

Amazon Alexa, Google Home


less than 1.5 cm

Robot height

7.5 cm

Special features

• Application control
• Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home
• Vacuum cleaner and mopping
• Smart navigation
• Dust tank capacity 600 ml
• Water tank volume 370 ml

Product warranty

5 years