Schbot Wind X1 and Schbot S8 (Gift set)


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Schbot S8 3 in 1 robot: vacuums dust, sweeps floors, and washes.

The Schbot S8 floor cleaning robot is equipped with two different tanks. This means that the robot not only vacuums dust but also washes floors. The Schbot S8 does two tedious housework at once.

Schbot Wind X1 ensures your bright windows!

The strong suction power of the Schbot Wind X1 ensures bright windows. The robot is very low, only 8.5 cm, and it also fits in hard-to-reach places.


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Multiple cleaning modes

The Schbot S8 model has several cleaning modes and a smart app for checking cleaning modes anywhere at any time. The Schbot S8 automatically and in real time reflects the cleaning paths in the app. This saves more time and avoids repeating the cleaning.

Daily schedule

You can set up a cleaning schedule from Monday to Sunday by conveniently planning cleaning in the smart app. The robot works exactly as you like and turns to charge itself when the battery level is low.

Using the Schbot S8 is super easy!

The robotic vacuum cleaner is controlled from the phone, remote control, or you put it to work with a single press of a button. The follow-up to cleaning can be tracked from the application, and the home plan can also be configured from the application or remote control. We have thought about all the possible needs for you.

The Schbot S8 is equipped with sensors specially designed for floor cleaning.

It will continue to automatically clean from where it left off (if it is necessary to charge the battery in the meantime) if it is not manually controlled between cleaning.

The robot detects the size of the room and begins to smartly clean one room at a time.

Suitable for different surfaces

The Schbot Wind X1 window cleaning robot can be used on different types of surfaces: it can be used, for example, to clean windows, glass doors or glass tables. The glass cleaning robot is suitable even for smooth floor and wall surfaces.

With the Wind X1, you don’t have to worry about the thickness of the glass. This is because it is also suitable for windows with multiple panes of glass.

The set includes a reusable cleaning cloth
Wind X1 uses a large and high-quality cleaning cloth. After cleaning, wash the cloth in the washing machine and use it again the next time.

Works only with the power cable!

Remember that the window robot only works with the power cable. This means that the Wind X1 must be connected to the mains during cleaning. The robot does not work wirelessly!

IOS and Android smartphone app and remote control

The set includes a remote control with which you can easily control the robot. In addition, you can control the Wind X1 window cleaner with the smartphone app. The app is available for download (free) for iOS and Android. With these two options, controlling the wiper robot is particularly convenient and easy.

Smart navigation thanks to artificial intelligence (AI)

The window washer robot is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI). This technology allows the Schbot Wind X1 to calculate the size of the entire window and choose the most efficient cleaning path. That’s why the robot is especially fast: it only takes 2.5 minutes to clean one square meter.

Additional information


The robot vacuum cleaner is black, the window cleaner is white.

Remote control

Comes with both products

App controllable

Yes (both robots)

Window thickness



For framed and frameless vertical windows

5 warranty

Applies to both products